A Facial for your Bikini Area! aka "Vajacial" Beautiful Bikini Smoothing Treatment

This 30 minute treatment is a revitalizing service that is a "Facial" for your Bikini!

  • Eliminates in-grown hairs, bumps & problem skin
  •  Reduces redness, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles
  •  Improves skin texture, promotes skin renewal & cell turnover
  • Removes impurities, controls sebum & detoxes skin
  •  Deep hydration for lasting softness, smoothness & moisturized skin

The Beautiful Bikini Smoothing Treatment is an amazing treatment that should be done POST sugaring. It's best to have smooth hairless skin, the purpose of this treatment is  to remove and prevent ingrown hairs and acne, while smoothing the skin and treating discolored areas caused by hyperpigmentation.

This treatment is best if done, once or twice a year to keep the area smooth and bump free.

Feel refreshed, cleansed and sexier!

First your esthetician will cleanse your bikini area followed by gentle and thorough exfoliation. The exfoliation will cleanse and your pores, ridding you of any dirt, bacteria or dead skin. This will promote skin renewal, overall giving you healthier skin. By opening up your pores this will make any in-grown or clogged pores less resistant for your esthetician to perform extractions.Then a luxurious mask specifically made for your bikini area is applied, to add in pulling bacteria and sebum to the surface.  Next, is the application of High Frequency which kills the bacteria on the surface and prevents the extracted pimple from reoccurring by shrinking enlarged pores and increasing blood circulation. The removal of the impurities from the bikini area will reduces bumps and give you a smoother skin texture.  The last step is a hydrating moisturizer that will treat your skin and keep the area smooth and soft.

With just some extra attention and care from this service you will feel refreshed and more confident after just one treatment!

You will receive an in-depth aftercare from when you arrive but the main thing is to avoid increased sweatiness from the area for 24 hours.

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Prevent & Get Rid of ingrown hairs, razor burns, clogged pores, acne Bikini Facial Heals all types of issues!

Beautiful Bikini
$ 100
Can be done alone up to ten days after sugaring
30 mins
Available for Men
Beautiful Bikini & Brazilian
$ 155
Save when booked together
60 mins
Also available for Men
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