#1 Brazilian Bikini Sugaring Experts Brazilian Sugaring is often compared to brazilian waxing but there is a difference. Sugaring is a manual technique that is applied in the opposite direction of your hair growth, with a ball of all natural sugar paste, at room temperature. Removing the hair in the direction that the hair grows creates a virtually painless bikini hair removal treatment. If done properly, by a licensed professional, it does not break hairs, preventing ingrowns.

Your sweet spot deserves a sweet touch! Whether you prefer a bare fruit or a little peach fuzz Bare Fruit Waxing and Sugaring beauty specialists will conquer those pesky hairs with gentle hands and experience! We practice sanitary methods at all times and empathize will all our guests.

Long Island's very own Sugaring Boutique studio uses an all natural sugar paste to remove your unwanted hair gently and safely. We offer four services to remove your pubic hair. Bikini Line, Bikini Line Plus, Deep Bikini and Brazilian. Are you a Pregnant? Our technicians are highly qualified to walk you through each step and put you at ease.

Brazilian Sugaring is perfect for those who are looking for a new way to keep your hairs at bay. The results are amazing. It lasts longer, helps with discoloration from old ingrowns and razor burn, it doesn't burns, hurts less than waxing and the clean up is super easy.

Brazilian Bikini hair removal is the best way to keep things in check down there. No more fussing, no more ingrown hairs and no more worries Allow Bare Fruit to use the ancient sugaring method and you'll come back time and time again.

Bikini Hair Removal Types

Removes any hair outside of the panty line. Top, Sides and little off the cheeks.

A little further in.. about 2 inches

Leave a little or a lot but only off the front. This is perfect for those who don't like to be bald and do not want to include the hairs between the cheeks. ie: Landing Strip

Remove all the hair from the belly button* to the butt strip. Super clean all the way through! If you are interested in leaving some hair that is always an option. Just let us know.

*add on the stomach strip for only $12
  • Yes We Offer Male Brazilian Services. Click Here for more information.

Don't Forget to Exfoliate - It's Important Smooth Hairless Skin Deserves TLC

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