Imagine you in your dress walking down the aisle, Now imagine your honeymoon ... Be Prepared, Beautiful, and Silky Smooth with Bare Fruit's Bridal Sugaring

Put your mind at ease

I know how it is... Getting ready for the big day and as the day draws near we may feel anxious, worried if every detail is in order! Well one thing is for sure! Sugaring for your wedding is easy as pie when you book a package at Bare Fruit Sugaring & Brow Studio in Westbury, New York. We take care of everything! 

A brazilian is sexy, fun and very exciting. It adds a whole new element to the honeymoon!
If you can, come and see us 4-6 weeks before your wedding for your first sugaring experience. (you need 10 days of hair growth from your last shave) 

The reason we'd like to see you a month before your wedding lies in the fact that the first time you have a brazilian or bikini, your skin can be a little tender. 

Having done at least one treatment before your wedding also grants you peace of mind.  

You know what to expect!

For best results, ie: less hair and slower regrowth... it is a great idea to have 1 to 2 waxes under your belt ( know what I mean) before your important day.  

While it doesn't happen often, but it can happen, a first timer can experience some tenderness of skin, some foliculitis and some red bumps. You can sugar before your wedding, right up to the day of,  if absolutely necessary.  

We do recommend if your first sugaring treatment is your wedding sugar, try to come in at least 3 or 4 days before the wedding.

As encouragement we do offer packages to prepare you for the BIG DAY!

If you're wearing a strappy or strapless dress, underarm hair should be cleared out. If a honeymoon is in the picture then leg sugaring is also a must so you aren't stuck shaving during the trip.

Less obvious areas include considering the hair style you will wear.  If you choose an updo, then a nape sugaring is ideal so your skin looks silky smooth with a perfect hair line.

We also want to think about the inevitable close-up photos of the rings, so that means finger and hand fuzz should be removed, the light hitting the soft downy hair on our body creating a larger outline. This is why brides often do the arms and shoulders too so they look sleek and feel like silk. Sugaring on the arms and legs (pay attention to those toes if an open toe shoe is in the forecast) is very exfoliating so your skin will look refreshed and smooth for your big day. 

Bridal Party Private Event

♥ Your own Private Party- entire studio open just for you

♥ Hors d'oeuvres, Chocolates, & Bottle of Champagne

♥ Deep Bikini or Brazilian Sugaring ( 30 mins )

♥ Eyebrow Styling treatment (tint optional)

♥ Complimentary Bare Fruit Body Scrub

$150 Per Person.

2 person Minimum 8 person Maximum

♥ Eyebrow Stylinng (2)

♥ Facial Hair Removal Services - Lip or Chin (4)

♥Deep Bikini or Brazilian Sugaring (3)

♥ One Free Touch Up (Week of Wedding)

♥Half Arm or Half Leg Sugaring (1)

$350 (25% discount)

♥ Deep Bikini or Brazilian for Both

♥ Men's Full Front Torso or Men's Full Back Torso

♥Women's Underarm and Half Leg

♥ Champagne & Chocolates


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